McAfee Livesafe latest version keys and activation codes

Although the most common way to activate any program owned by McAfee is to use the official licenses or if you cannot access them, programs such as cracks or keygens > you also have another option that works. . You can use keys and activation codes from the latest version of McAfee Livesafe.

If you use this program on your computer or more than one of them, we will provide you with a set of serials or codes that you can enter to have a license activated. In this way, you guarantee the total security of these devices and an update of the databases of the antivirus to be aware of any new threats.

Here are the keys to the new version of Macfee Antivirus:

  • D37ES-TW7S7-2HSVS-4Q426-WGSFE
  • MX7MZ-JS9S8-U5Y6G-D6GW5-42EQD
  • G968T-IDHWY-353TC-S4242-RQDQD
  • FKF8R-575U6-EGW24-FRSEQ-31WQS
  • 03GK-S3KR-7FUUH-6J26-0G0N
  • DH98-693U-092IU-AW7E-T6RR
  • MUW6-6524-AQR4E-65FU-TFS7
  • QOD9-57U6-XTZ4W-32EQ-S8AA
  • PFJR-876Y-24QEA-RZ31-5AZ7

With these periodicals, you will renew your license permanently and without having to use anything else. You will not have to request a renewal or resort to other solutions, these are fixed validations that allow the antivirus to be used forever in its latest available version.